Student Services

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Staff Position Phone # Email
Victoria Carrell Psychologist 610-359-4242
Daniel Lang Behavioral Health Worker 610-359-4200 X5591
Jacqueline Litz Home and School Visitor 610-359-4288
Nicole McCarthy Counselor, A-Gj 610-359-4225
Kathrine Froschle Counselor, Gk-N 610-359-4227
Dr. Kelly McCool Counselor, O-Z 610-359-4241
Julie Migatz Behavioral Health Worker 610-359-4279

Student Services Secretary: Teri Werner, 610-359-4279,

Student Services is responsible for conflict resolution, helping with organization and time management, strategies to deal with stress and anxiety, and all other forms of social emotional counseling to help with our students' well-being.