Keystone Exam Pathways to Proficiency

ACT 158 Letter to Families

August 2023To MNHS Families of the Class of 2024 and beyond,The purpose of this letter is to remind you of the Act 158 graduation proficiency requirements and to inform you that currently your son/daughter has not fulfilled a graduation proficiency requirement. MNHS communicated information regarding Act 158 graduation proficiency requirements and the five (5) pathways our students will need to fulfill those requirements.The Keystone Exams are the first attempt to fulfill the graduation proficiency requirements. Therefore, all MNHS students will continue to be required to take the Keystone Exams as the first step in the flowchart of graduation requirement opportunities.The MNSD communication Keystone Exam Pathways to Proficiency is intended to better explain the pathway flowchart. This communication can be found on our high school webpage on the Student Resources and Parent Resources pages along with the PowerPoint presentation.
You can learn more about each pathway on our website through the link below:
If you chose not to have your child take the Keystone Exams last year, then the first two opportunities that could have counted toward fulfilling your student’s graduation proficiency requirements have been eliminated. Therefore, your student’s future possibilities will need to follow one of the remaining three pathways on the flowchart.
MNHS administrators and counselors will meet with students who have not met a graduation pathway through either the Keystone Exams or the PSAT tests. We will go over each pathway and show the students the pathway opportunities they have and make them familiar with the process.
As we prepare for the new school year, we would like for you to look over the pathway opportunities and become aware of the options your child must fulfill for their graduation requirements. Please look at the link provided in this letter along with the Pathway to Graduation Guide, and let your counselor know which pathway you feel your student will complete during their senior year.
Should you have any further questions, please contact your student’s CCAC counselor.

Tiger Pride!John Beltrante Principal

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Act 158 Presentation