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Bryan Mizell
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    What is a Concussion?               Returning to school after a Concussion

   Free Online Concussion Education Course for Parents, Coaches and Athletes:  
"Concussion Wise Pennsylvania"


Any athlete that was diagnosed with a concussion has to be cleared by a physician trained in concussion management.

Click Here for a list of local physician's that are trained in concussion management.

Impact Testing

All Marple Newtown High School athletes participating in a "contact sport" ( football, soccer, field hockey, wrestling, basketball, diving, lacrosse, baseball, softball) will be administered the test before/during the first week of preseason.

The ImPACT Test is valid for 2 years. Click Here for more information.


Sudden Cardiac Arrest      

What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest?          Sudden Cardiac Arrest Review

  Free Online Cardiac Education Course for Parents, Coaches and Athletes:
"Cardiac Wise"