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Athletic Office Contacts:

Chris Gicking
Athletic Director
610-359-4200 X5309

Julie Rufo
Assistant Athletic Director

Susan Becker
Athletic Department Secretary

Bryan Mizell
Athletic Trainer
610-359-4200 X5319

Sean Spratt

Rachael DeCecco

Tyler Anhalt
Strength Trainer


At Marple Newtown High School, we have identified six pillars of character for our student athletes to strive towards: 

1) Respect – to show admiration, honor and esteem for others

2) Responsibility – accountability and ownership of one’s actions

3) Citizenship – to show loyalty and pride for your community and school, doing good for others

4) Sportsmanship – to play fair, to lose without complaint and to win without gloating

5) Hard Work – is the effort and perseverance you display to reach a goal

6) Integrity – your commitment to be honest, sincere and trustworthy


Congratulations to our teachers chosen by the MNHS Football SeniorsĀ for their positive impact!

Mr. Beltrante - honored by Matthew Cantwell

Mr. Braverman - honored by Eric McKee

Mr. Butler - honored by Damien Bogsch

Mrs. Campbell - honored by Brian Foley

Mrs. Can - honored by Jonny Small

Mr. Claar - honored by Tyler Fields

Mr. Claar - honored by Michael Schumacher

Mrs. DiTrolio - honored by Jack Hagerty

Mrs. Gibbons - honored by Angelo Luster

Mrs. Johnson - honored by Charlie Box

Dr. Killough - honored by Gavin Garbutt

Mrs. Krause - honored by Michael Schumacher

Mrs. Lauria - Wark - honored by Nate Nguyen


Mr. Spratt - honored by Owen Mathes

Dr. White - honored by Jason Peterson


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