Junior Initiative

JUNIOR INITIATIVE ADVISOR: David Locher, dlocher@mnsd.org

Business is the foundation of the economies of both the United States and the world. The theme of the Junior Initiative, “The Real World: How Business Works,” will introduce students to the real world of work through a project-based approach that will provide students the opportunity to make choices about what types of businesses and careers to explore. This approach will
enable students to better understand the real world of work and may help inform their
decisions about future career paths.

1.  Junior Initiative Virtual Orientation Meeting – Wednesday March 17, 2021 - 7:45-8:30 AM (period C-1) 

2. Virtual Speakers Conference- the JI program has teamed with the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce to provide our students with a library of video presentations by people who work in a wide variety of careers and professions. The students will view three videos of their choice and complete a set of notes for each as well as a written summary.

3. Virtual Job Visitation- each junior will arrange a virtual interview with a person in any career or profession they wish and complete an interview guide.

4. Google Slides presentation- each junior will construct a google slide presentation of their junior initiative experience. The slide presentation will be in a structured format provided by the JI team; it will be evaluated with an accompanying rubric.